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Prop firms are an amazing way to accelerate your income when it comes to the trading market. 

Below are the top questions people ask me

  1. Which firm should I pick
  2. Can I use your copier on the prop firm
  3. Can I use your A.I on the prop firm
  4. How do I pass a prop firm

Below I will discuss each question in detail......

Which firm do I pick?

So I would say the main firms I personally like are 

  • Social Funding FX https://www.Socialfundingfx.com
  • FTMO https://www.FTMO.com
  • Blue Guardian https://www.blueguardiancapital.com/

All have their benefits and disadvantages so lets discuss them

Social Funding FX

  • MT5 only, so most bots will not work with this firm
  • You need 8% to pass phase 1, 4% to pass phase 
  • They have no 5% max daily, so gives you breathing room to trade, most people fail because even If they grow the account the 5% rule still applies from the original balance. Example $200,000 account 5% would be $10,000 max drawdown, with social funding fx max drawdown is 10% which is $20,000 but when you grow the account to $210,000 for example your max drawdown is now $30,000 because the only rule is you can't touch $180,000 (10% of the original balance). For most prop firms you still will have a max daily of $10,000 no matter what your balance grows to be. 
  • Can't do martingale meaning if you do a .10 then you do .20 to trade against the losing .10 it violates their rules. 
  • They have an amazing growth plan, every 10% you do on a new balance they double the account till you reach $2,000,000. For example, if you grow the live $200,000 to $220,000 you can ask for an account increase which is $400,000 but once get 10% on $400,000 you can ask for an increase to $800,000 and so on. 
  • 70/30 split in the favor of you, but once you do an increase its 60/40 split..BTW if you simply grow the account yourself it stays 70/30 & your max drawdown increases because built the capital up yourself
  • Has a instant funding option but 50/50 split 


  • MT4/MT5 they accept both
  • 10% to pass phase 1, 4% to pass phase 2
  • They have a 5% max drawdown
  • They allow martingale
  • The growth plan is every 4 months if you maintain a good track record 
  • 85/15 split

Blue guardian

  • MT4
  • 6% to pass phase 1, 5% to pass phase 2
  • They have a 5% max drawdown
  • They allow martingale
  • 85/15 split


No they will red flag your account, and ban you because copying someone else trades. 

Can I use your A.I automation on prop firms

FTMO, Blue guardian has MT4 so you can use Rogue, Pip machine or TE Automation

Social funding doesn't allow Martingale, so rogue will be for TM5 but not allowed unless you pay for an instant funded account. 

Rogue could pass but you would need to watch the max drawdown rule, and make sure to keep a low lot size for example on $200,000 0.50-1.00 anything in between and set Equity % trade to 4%, I suggest pick a good pair & do FTMO demo test before attempting a real test. 


  • If you trading with stop-loss, always risk 1% or less per trade you can use trade manager 
  • Build the account up to half of what you need before going aggressive, worse case you can retake the test if you don't pass in time for free. You can use the last few days when you get close if need be to trade more aggressively but again first build some cushion for the worse case. 
  • Don't revenge trade 
  • Take your time