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We have a optional affiliate program, if you refer someone at our $165 package for example you earn $75 per month per person

Getting an affiliate link

Simply goto refer a friend tab in our discord and watch the video on getting your link

When do I get paid

Everyday 5pm eastern for example you refer bob at 4pm then you will be paid $75 at 5pm, but if you refer sara at 6pm you will be paid tomorrow at 5pm for sara $75 dollars. Anytime bob or sara repay you get a commisson

Is this multi level marketing

No we only pay you for what you personally bring to the table. '

Is there a earning cap

Nope, if you refer 1000 people you getting paid $75,000 per month

Why would someone join

Who don't want to make money hands-free! 

Do I need make a website

Nope you can send them directly to your site, or we can give you a site we created that follow up with customers for $24.99 paid here https://course.agencyplug.com/offers/XLZzfCC3

How much can I earn

Endless possiblities but lets break it down, FX social is $165 per month paid in lite coin but if you refer three people we pay out $225 paid in lite-coin directly to you which will put you in positive $65 a month in passive income after paying us. 

On top of the passive money making from the bots, but lets talk real numbers

10 referrals - $750 per month in passive income

35 referrals - $2625 per month in passive income

100 rederrals - $7500 a month in passive income

and more...this isn't mlm where if sommeone stop paying you lose your entire income. You get paid per member, not in volume. 

Do you have opportunity calls

Yes we send them out via email ahead of time so that you can invite guest