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We offer various software that helps people with their forex accounts, we also have our Backtest & chill sessions every sunday. We discuss different bots and test settings! 

  • Copy Trading Automation - This type automation will follow a human traders account, you can set the risk but you don't select the pair. What the traders take is what your account will take but its still full automation. FX Social copier is our copier automation. 
  • Algorithum Automation - This type of automation does not follow a human trader account, you have full control on the pairs & how the bot actually trades. Every algorithum bot is unqiue we currently have rogue, te, pip machine.
  • Trade Manager Automation - This type of automation is to support our manual traders, with their manual trades. Currently we have trade manager & close all.


Copy trader full automation software will let you pick between copying two traders or both. Each trader has multiple channels. For example, trader one has channel one & channel two. Considering the trader is the same, the trades will be the same, but the difference is the risk to reward & take profit. You wouldn't follow channels one and two together simply because of their the same trader.

 For example, trader two runs channels three & four, so if you decided to follow two different channels, you would pick a channel from trader one and a channel from trader two. For example, channel one and channel three go great together, but channel two & channel four also go great together.

You can also set how much you want to risk per trade, account protection & what pairs you don't want to trade. You can even have it auto partial or trail so it has semi A.I built in!


Algorithum full automation this auto trader came from the rogue indicator, It has two unique ways you can approach using this bot. This bot has a recovery feature that is really amazing & will recover any losing trade. Even using a low lot size & low risk you will have minimum drawdown & barely see 5-7% in drawdown. You can also set the max equity of drawdown you will allow to avoid any poor condition situations. My favorite pair with this bot is GBPAUD OR XAGUSD aka Silver. 

We also have a dual trade feature where it can use a stop-loss and take the same trade twice but create two different take profit points. Lets say trade one and trade two both take a GBPJPY but GBPJPY Trade one is 30 pips, Trade two is 75 pips. Once trade one take profit is met it will move stop loss out of profit for trade two into profit, where is your choice. 

Rogue is my personal favorite A.I Bot when it comes too using recovery style of trading. 


Algorithum full automation this auto trader came from the trend entry indicator, this software has a recovery and stop-loss feature but unlike rogue. TE is better at using a stop-loss & looks at the high and low of the market to determine the best stop-loss.  

What makes this automation unique is you can set the risk to reward so if your trade is 30 pip stop loss & you set your risk to 1.0 it will make your take profit a 24-30 pip take profit. I recommend 1.3 if you want it to be identical to the stop loss. But if you chose 2.0 and stop was 30 pips your take profit would be 60 pips.

TE has a lot of features and filters to help with accurate trades, and has a recovery feature that allows you to custom pick multiple points in the market. You can select when it recovers a trade and how much.

TE best with using a stop loss & rogue is best with using a recovery. 


Algorithum full automation not based on either the RSI or Stochastic you can pick the rules it uses to trade. This bot allows you to pick from different styles of trading, RSI only, Stochastic only or Pure Hedge. 

Each trades different & yes it has a built in hedge feature that allows the bot to trade a buy or sell aganist anther buy or sell depending on style and time frame is how aggressive the hedge will be. 


Semi automation this bot does NOT trade on your behalf instead it will focus on helping your manual trades. You can have it help you with your lot size for example, if you have a hard time trying to pick correct size based on risk. Lets say you set your risk to 2% per trade, the bot will read that once you put in 0.01 it will clsoe the trade and open a lot position that risk 2% of your account, 

It can also look at the high and low and auto set your stop, if you need help with that. It can also set your risk to reward ratio so if you always want a 1:1 or 1:2 or 1:1.5 it can do it on your behalf & even ddo break even, trails, partials profts & more. 

The ultimate trade manager great for people using prop firms, following signals or just doing manual trades in general. 


Semi automation this bot does NOT trade on your behalf, it simply lets you pick a loss and profit balance. Whenever the balance of your account reaches the set amount it closes all trades and turns off auto trader. Great for members that want to protect certain amount of capital.